THL Eachna of Clonmakate

I am known as THL Eachna of Clonmakate in the Society of Creative Anachronism.  The name “Eachna” is an early Celtic name.  Eachna was the daughter of a King of the Irish province of Connacht.  She had great fashion sense and was a beautiful rider.  Though I was unable to get the name "Eachna" approved by the Heralds as it was a real person.  So my approved name is Eghmurkagh, which is pretty close to Eachna.  Eghmurkagh is an anglicized version of a Celtic name and was taken from the rolls in London from around 1600.  "Clonmakate" is the name of the flax plantation given to my husband’s family when William of Orange (known as “King Billy” in Northern Ireland) conquered Ireland.  They were Scottish mercenaries and moved from Ayr in Scotland to Ireland with King Billy’s army.  His family still lives there and we will be visiting them in February, 2020.


Eachna is a Tudor lady living in the English countryside around Coventry.  She is the wife of a wool merchant, and they are improving their business every year.  Though I currently dress as a working woman, as our finances improve my attire may move up to Middle Class.


My interests in the SCA are many and varied.  I enjoy many types of embroidery, including crewel, blackwork, goldwork, and  needlepoint, knitting, cooking, costuming, and all things Tudor.  I enjoy entering my works in Arts and Science Competitions, and I love to share my knowledge by teaching.  I am also an Equestrian Marshal and one of only a handful of Driving Marshals in the SCA.


I am the Librarian for the Royal University of Meridies, and am in charge of the many CLEP tests available.  I have Lector and Magister degrees in Embroidery, Equestrian, Fiber Arts, Culinary and Costuming .  I received my Philosopher's degree at RUM in 2018.


Mundanely I recently retired after working for the government for over 40 years.  I also have several horses and ponies.  I own a fabulous German Riding Pony that I drive, Dragon's Lair Mazurka.  I enjoy competing in Combined Driving with her.  I also have two rescue horses:a poor little mini pony who was starved and abused that we named Tyrion, and a starved Quarter Horse  mare that we named Plain Jane (PJ).  We all live together with two rescue dogs and three rescue cats on D’Yankee Farm in Middle Georgia.