No. 15 Poulteney, Bath

Bath is a very beautiful little city, with amazing architecture.  Like most of the cities in England!  But Bath is special.  The Roman baths drew many people to build homes close by, so there are many rows of townhomes.  The hotel we stayed at, No. 15 Poulteney, is  made up of three townhomes on the main street.  It didn't have a lot of old architecture or décor, it was quite modern.  But very quirky!  It had collections of just "things" everywhere!  In my room there was a collection of salt and pepper shakers, and a collection of sheep figurines.  Plus a lot of other stuff.  There were collections everywhere throughout the hotel...in the bar, restaurant, staircases, everywhere there was a space.  I took many pictures of all the different collections.  While we were there, Robert Downey Jr.  was also staying there!!  We saw him and his family one night in the dining room.  Oh, and this is where our group watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  We had a special lunch and watched it on tv!