St. Martin in the Fields

If you are ever in London, I highly recommend making a visit to St. Martin in the Fields.  It is a beautiful church, located right across from the National Gallery and National Portrait Museum.  They realized that people enjoyed making brass rubbings of grave markers.  However, over the centuries the practice started damaging the memorials.  So at St. Martin of  the Fields they made brass copies of many of the memorials for people to do their brass rubbings.  We  had great fun making them.  Its basically taking a thin piece of paper (not sure what kind it is), and just rubbing across the brass.  It makes a very nice picture!


After we made our brass rubbings, we had lunch in the crypt.  They turned the crypt into a very nice café with excellent food.  That's one thing I have to say about museums and cafes in England.  Everywhere served amazing fresh food and even liquor!!  Well, wine, beer and cider anyway!