Royal Mews

The Royal Mews is part of Buckingham Palace and is where the royal family keep the  horses they use in London.  I was quite surprised that in the middle of London, among all the shops and apartment buildings, there is a huge tract belonging to Buckingham Palace.  HRH Prince Philip would practice driving  his 4-in-hand of horses around the grounds here  because there was so much room.  We were there in September, when the family was residing at different locations, so there were only two horses in residence.  When the family leaves Buckingham Palace for the summer, the horses get a vacation in the grassy pastures of Hampton Court.  The two that were left can't eat a lot of grass for  health reasons, so they are left behind.  


Here we saw the royal carriages which are absolutely amazing!!  And we saw the harness, which was also amazing.  There were some lovely little carts and carriages which reminded us that although they are the royal family, they also have children.  Its not all glitz and glamour!


The last pictures are of a pub we had lunch at!