16th C. Loose Gown

I made a copy of a gown in the Janet Arnold Book, Patterns of Fashion, 1560-1620.  It is a loose gown made of black velvet, and embellished with bands of satin edged in silk cording.  The matching kirtle is made of white satin, and embroidered with black silk stylized flowers and metal spangles.  I have attached the documentation I submitted with the dress for A&S!  It is actually in two files because the file was so large.

Loose Gown Documentation
This is the first part of my documentation for the loose gown and kirtle I made and entered in A&S.
Loose Gown Documentation Final.docx
Microsoft Word Document 1.6 MB
Loose Gown Documentation Pt. 2
This is the second half of the documentation for the Loose Gown and Kirtle.
Construction Techniques (pt 2 doc) final
Microsoft Word Document 5.7 MB