Elizabethan Sweet Bags

Embroidered Sweet Bag

This is the first sweet bag I made, which was based on an article I read in Inspirations Magazine (an awesome Australian publication focused on embroidery).  It is mostly crewelwork done on a gold silk jacquard fabric.  After I made this bag and entered it in an Arts and Science competition, I found that I was pretty far off a sweet bag.  But its still a beautifully embroidered bag.

Elizabethan Sweet Bags
This is the original class on Sweet Bags.
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Late Elizabethan Embroidered Bag

This is the second rendition of the documentation I wrote for the "Sweet Bag", which explains why it is not actually a sweet bag!  This is an embroidered bag, and has many late period stitches.  Much of the information I used in this documentation came from Jacqui Carey's book, "Sweet Bags: An Investigation into 16th & 17th Century Needlework". 

Late Elizabethan Embroidered Bag Documentation
Documentation for the Elizabethan bag based on information found after the original documentation.
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